Why choose Coastal Hire Pinetown?


Why buy when you can hire as new?

All our equipment is serviced and work like new. If you need tool hire, generator hire, bobcat hire or another type of equipment, we can help you.

Ready to work!

All petrol machines are sent to site with a full tank of fuel.

Cleanliness is our priority!

Maintain a high standard of cleanliness on our equipment and in our store.

What do our Coastal Hire Pinetown Customers have to say?


It is an absolute delight to be associated with your professional business.
Your machinery and tools are always in superb condition and have never failed to produce on site.
Your workforce are truly eager and proud in their work.
They treat every client as though they are the most important and always go the extra mile.
Thank you Peter and your staff, for your wonderful service and growing business relationship.

After being told by the wife that this weekend I was planting grass seeds, I wasn’t happy. First I had to dig the beds, then plant the seeds, then rake the area and then pad down the new easigrass in some areas. Thank you to Peter at Coastal Tool Hire Pinetown, he dropped off all the tools I needed to make the job much faster, and kinder on my back! And my wife was happy!

We have had nothing but spot on service from Coastal Hire. Tools delivered at the right place at the right time. Thank You!

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