5 Reasons to Hire Electric Tools

Whether you are looking for an angle grinder, jig saw, sander or other type of tool, it can often be far simpler to hire electric tools for specific projects rather than purchase them. For many DIY fans, completing projects around the home requires any number of specialised tools. While some may be able to afford to purchase and store a huge range of items for jobs like woodwork, repairs, cutting and furniture making, most find it far more effective to simply hire the tools that are needed for the duration of the project.

Professionals who use a great number of tools for different types of jobs also often choose to hire the things that need for each specific job, as this can work out to be a lot more efficient from a cost and storage point of view.

What are the benefits offered by electric tool hire, and how does this option compare to owning tools?

Why Consider Electric Tool Hire in Durban?


There are many (good) reasons that you may decide to rent electric tools rather than buy them outright. These include the following:

  1. Wide range of tools for a variety of purposes. Unless you have a fully equipped workshop or garage that has everything from power sanders to diamond saws, you will need to find the right tool for the job in order to do the job properly. For most people, this means either renting the tool in question, or purchasing it. If you only require the tool for a single project, and do not reckon on using it a great deal in the future, hiring works out to be the simplest and cheapest way to get the equipment you need.
  1. Tools are all top of the range and fully maintained. Repairing equipment (especially specialist equipment that is not easily found at a typical hardware store) is, needless to say, not without its share of expenses. Maintaining tools on a day to day or month to month basis can also be a costly headache. When you hire the items you need, you can choose the latest models, without having to worry about maintenance or quality issues.
  1. Hiring works out to be far more affordable than purchasing. As we have mentioned already, hiring also works out to be a lot more cost-effective – especially if you do a lot of jobs that require different types of equipment. The cost of rental for a day or even a week is one that can easily be integrated into your overall project budget, but owning tools that you may not use very often can end up putting a big hole in your pocket.
  1. No need to worry about upgrading and replacing tools. As you have a range of tool models to choose from when hiring, upgrading and replacing becomes a thing of the past as well. That means that you won’t have to lose peace of mind that comes with needing to replace or upgrade an essential tool, or risk any downtime as a result of old tools failing to work.
  1. Tools will be delivered to your project site, and collected after use. This is good news for contractors, but home DIYers will also find it easier to avoid hoarding large masses of equipment. Contractors seldom have space to store too many items – especially larger items that cannot easily be kept in an office or off-site storage facility. Transporting electric tools is not always easy either, which makes the hiring option even more useful.

Ultimately, only you can decide whether it works out better to hire electric tools or own them. View the range of electric tools available for hire at Coastal Tool Hire Pinetown to see what we have in stock, and then make an informed decision according to your budget and requirements.



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