About our plant hire company in Durban

Our plant hire company in Durban was established in February 2004. We pride ourselves on the clean, well-serviced and well-maintained equipment as well as the exceptional service we supply to our customers and offer a wide range of building, plumbing, gardening and DIY (Do It Yourself) equipment.

We ensure that no matter where you are, whether in the Inner or Outer West we will have the equipment you ordered delivered to you within an hour of the order and paperwork being completed. We also offer service and repairs to garden services looking to get away from having to do it all. Just remember, our rates are more than just competitive.

So remember, if you need to hire a tool in Durban or you need plant equipment in Durban you need not look any further! Just think Coastal Hire Pinetown! Contact us to speak to a representative at our plant hire company in Durban.