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Diamond Coring

  Diamond coring, or diamond core drilling, as it is also known, allows holes to be drilled in a wide range of materials that are typically harder to drill through using regular types of drills, e.g. reinforced concrete (with steel embedded in the concrete). This type of drill uses special bits with a hollow centre, […]

Essential Lawn and Garden Tools for Landscaping Contractors

If you have a landscaping business, having the right lawn and garden tools is essential in order to get the job done well. Whether you cater to private residences, or your services are offered to corporate environments, landscaping equipment includes a host of items that help to create eye-catching, healthy outdoor spaces. A good lawnmower […]

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5 Benefits of Hiring Water Pumps

If you are considering whether to choose between hiring water pumps and purchasing them outright, knowing what factors to take into account can make the decision somewhat more challenging. By nature, these tools are very often used when disaster strikes or to perform a specific function, such as draining a swimming pool, for example, or […]

Choosing the Right Construction Tools for Hire

Construction tools for hire come in various shapes and sizes, catering to a diverse range of industries within the construction sector. From large scale equipment such as breaking and drilling tools all the way to smaller items for tiling, repairs and DIY work, finding the right tool for the job is crucial to ensure that […]

5 Reasons to Hire Electric Tools

Whether you are looking for an angle grinder, jig saw, sander or other type of tool, it can often be far simpler to hire electric tools for specific projects rather than purchase them. For many DIY fans, completing projects around the home requires any number of specialised tools. While some may be able to afford […]

Top DIY Tasks to Do in Durban This Winter

Did you know that you can pick up a comprehensive DIY Guide at any Coastal Hire branch at no cost whatsoever? With a wide selection of helpful tips, ideas and precautions, this guide is a must-for anyone who enjoys tackling at-home projects. But if you are not near to any of our branches, never fear […]

Dos and Don’ts of Choosing a Tool Hire Company

Whether you are seeking a tool hire company for a large-scale commercial project, you are a small contractor wanting to find the right equipment or you are looking for a specific tool for a DIY job, choosing the right company is not always as easy as it appears. If you have a clear understanding of […]

DIY Safety

While it may seem that DIY safety is something that everyone thinks about before beginning a new project, there are far too few would-be fixer-uppers who actually stop to consider even the most basic of safety tips. Whether you enjoy spending your weekends making and fixing things or you consider yourself an experienced DIY expert […]

Why Equipment Hire Works Best for Contractors

One of the biggest dilemmas that many contractors find themselves in is whether to purchase equipment up front or consider equipment hire. There are many factors to consider when making this decision. Cost is, of course, a major factor. But over and beyond cost, contactors also need to determine which option ends up providing the […]

Plant hire rates

Get the best plant hire rates available in South Africa Plant hire in South Africa provides companies with access to all the tools they need to achieve success in their industries. This service provides access to all the equipment your business will need without the out of pocket expense usually associated with purchasing pieces of […]