Bobcat Hire vs Purchase – Which Option is Best?

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Bobcat for Hire at Coastal Hire Pinetown

If you’re trying to decide whether Bobcat hire or purchase is best for your needs, making the decision often comes to the numbers. There are a number of other things that you could also consider to make a truly informed decision however.

One of the leading manufacturers of construction tools for a variety of earth moving operations, Bobcat is a construction tool brand that is best known for its skid steer loaders. These multi-purpose machines are designed to pick up, carry and off-load large volumes of rubble, earth and other materials, making them an essential part of any construction project. While large-scale construction companies have the budget, space and capacity to buy machines such as these, solo contractors, smaller operations and those who don’t have a regular need for this sort of machine often find that it works out better all round to hire instead of purchase.

Which option is best, and what should you be looking at when deciding whether to hire a bobcat in Durban or surrounds?

Why Should You Consider Bobcat Machine Hire?

To make an informed decision, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you have the budget for equipment ownership?

If you have a large crew, a dedicated warehouse and enough funds to buy your own machines, then buying may be an option. Chances are good however that your budget is already stretched. Buying any large scale equipment is expensive – down payments are required and even if you are able to pay it off over time, monthly instalments can burn a hole in your dwindling resources. You may on the other hand be able to work out a smaller, realistic budget for the project you are working on, which can be incorporated into your billing price. Equipment hire is therefore a better option if your budget is limited.

  • Do you use the same machine on every project?

If you use a Bobcat skid steer loader that is the same size on a regular basis, it will be an investment to own one. If you need this equipment for a specific project, but generally do not have much need for one on a regular basis, it makes more sense to hire. You may find that you use skid steer loaders fairly often, but that projects are varied, which means that you don’t use the exact same size machine every time. In this case, hiring is more practical as you have the benefit of versatility.

  • Do you have capacity to store and transport the machine?

If you have a warehouse or yard that has sufficient space for large machinery, as well as flatbed trucks or other methods of transportation available, then storage will not be too much of a problem. Most contractors do not have the luxury of space however. Starting a new contracting business becomes a lot simpler when you are able to reduce your premises size. By hiring only what you need, when you need it, you will be able to get full use out of the Bobcat, without having to worry about keeping it safely stored when not in use.

As you can see, at the end of the day, the decision on whether to buy or hire Bobcat equipment comes down to your own preferences and requirements. Making a decision that is best for your business is the simplest way forward.

If you’re interested in hiring these tools, Coastal Hire Pinetown offers two options for Bobcat rental in Durbandry rate (driver only) and wet rate (driver plus fuel). Contact us today to find out more about these tools.