Choosing the Right Construction Tools for Hire

Construction tools for hire come in various shapes and sizes, catering to a diverse range of industries within the construction sector. From large scale equipment such as breaking and drilling tools all the way to smaller items for tiling, repairs and DIY work, finding the right tool for the job is crucial to ensure that the work is done properly.

While some construction companies have the luxury of warehouses that are loaded with tools of the trade, many choose to hire the tools they need for specific jobs. The benefits of this approach are innumerable, ranging from cost-efficiency to reduced need for upkeep, on-site delivery and collection and various other advantages.

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Construction Tool Hire In Durban

Depending on the size and scope of the project, and of course, the nature of the work being done, one or two tools may be required, or a number of tools may be needed. Construction tool rental works out to be a simple way to get the equipment that is required, without having to incur hefty prices to purchase the equipment outright. Some of the most typical tools used within this industry include the following:

  1. Breaking and Drilling. From an electric chipper that can be used to chisel concrete all the way to industrial impact drills, breakers, earth augers, hammer drills and floor scarifiers, these tools are used to break concrete, pavement and other surfaces, and drill through walls, floors, rock, brick, concrete and other materials. View our range of breaking and drilling tools for hire to find specific items in this category.
  1. Compaction and Concrete. This equipment is used to mix, compact, grind and smooth concrete, for a variety of purposes. Tools include mechanical pokers, concrete mixers, concrete saws, drive units, floor grinders, finishing drive machines, stroke rammers, reversible plates, rollers and roller attachments, compactors, power floats, wacker plate compactors and wacker rollers to name but a few. View our range of compaction and concrete tools for hire to see specific items in this category.
  1. Generators and Welding. In today’s uncertain electricity supply, generators have become essential to avoid the risk of costly downtime in the event of load shedding or outages. As many building sites are temporary, hiring a generator works out to be a lot more affordable than purchasing one that will only be used for the duration of the project. Welder generators meanwhile can be used for welding as well as a generator to drive an angle driver. View our range of generator and welding tools for hire to learn more about this category.
  1. Tiling. Tile cutters come in a few different sizes and styles, including small and large hand tile cutters and electric cutters with or without a stand. These tools are used to prepare tiles for floors and walls, cutting the tiles according to specific dimensions or sizes and working with slabs of stone or similar material. View our range of tiling tools for hire to see what we have available for rent.
  1. Electric. Encompassing a broad range of power tools for various tasks, these tools include sanders, grinders, planers, saws, cut-off machines and wall chasers. Some of the more basic tools may be already owned by many contractors, but other tools may not be found at regular hardware stores. Buying cheap or second hand tools can compromise the overall quality of the job, but hiring the items you need works out to be the safest and most efficient option – from a costs, time and quality point of view. View our range of electric tools for hire to see which items we currently have available for hire.

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Whatever your project may be, Coastal Tool Hire is here to help you find the best tools for the job at hand.

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