Diamond Coring


Diamond coring, or diamond core drilling, as it is also known, allows holes to be drilled in a wide range of materials that are typically harder to drill through using regular types of drills, e.g. reinforced concrete (with steel embedded in the concrete). This type of drill uses special bits with a hollow centre, making a plug or core from the hole made in the material. The size of the core varies – typical diameter is around 130mm wide and 250mm deep, but cores can be as narrow as 16mm in some instances with a maximum diameter reaching 400mm and maximum depth reaching 650mm.

At Coastal Hire Pinetown, we provide diamond coring as a service to contractors and construction companies who require coring. Whether you need to access pipes, cable and ducting from another floor or room in buildings or you need to drill through concrete or re-enforced walls and floors, ceramic tiles or other tough materials. We use high quality Shibuya coring rigs that are made in Japan and considered one of the leading drilling rigs.


  How Diamond Coring Services Work

  Brick work can be diamond cored with a handheld core drill, but as the drill is not fixed to the surface, a maximum diameter core of    75mm is advised. Brick work is comparatively softer than concrete, and as such, non-fixed rigs are safer and simpler to use as there is no risk of the anchor pulling out from the surface during the drilling process. For brick drilling, it is therefore a more cost and time effective route to consider a dry coring rig with a bit that reaches up to 125mm.

A mounted coring rig used on concrete has a number of pros and cons. The setup of each hole takes longer; however pressure can be applied through the geared handle instead of manually, as the rig is attached to the surface. This speeds up the drilling process. The diamond matrix is able to cut through concrete, plastic, brick, asphalt and cables with relative ease. Steel and re-enforcing can take a bit longer, but can also be drilled through. Unlike tungsten carbide bits (conventional drill bits), diamond tipped core bits are able to cut through steel. Pre and post tensioned cables should be avoided however to prevent structural damage and coring tube wear and tear.

As a service, coring is especially useful to construction industry contractors – plumbers, electricians, air-conditioner installers. Many other industry professionals would also make use of these services when hitting that proverbial brick wall.

To learn more about our diamond coring service, contact Coastal Hire Pinetown today.