DIY guides from our tool hire experts in Durban

DIY made easy

As a leading tool hire company in Durban, we’ve set out to create an unparalleled DIY Guide with easy to understand operational tips as well as the various safety precautions and requirements, for each and every tool is a must have for every operator. In addition to the safety and instructional aspects of each tool, there are in depth “how to” techniques for various DIY tasks, from tiling to planing. Our DIY instruction booklets are available at all our outlets nationwide. Simply walk into any of our branches and pick one up.

Alternatively, you can download the booklet from this site. It has been divided into sections to ensure that you do not need to download a big document at once.

 Visit our plant hire branch for printed versions of these guides

DIY downloads

Download Compaction Guide

Download Concrete Guide

Download Electrical Tools Guide

Download Generators and Welders Guide

Download Miscellaneous Guide

Download Painting Guide

Downloads Safety Tips and Index Guide

Download Tiling Guide

Download Toilet and Hut Guide

Download Water Pumps Guide

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