Dos and Don’ts of Choosing a Tool Hire Company

Whether you are seeking a tool hire company for a large-scale commercial project, you are a small contractor wanting to find the right equipment or you are looking for a specific tool for a DIY job, choosing the right company is not always as easy as it appears.

If you have a clear understanding of the hire process, and know exactly what to expect, this task becomes far simpler. But if you simply know that you need a specific item of equipment, you may not be sure how to get started.

The first thing to keep in mind is that quality is the ultimate goal here besides affordability. Most people and companies hire tools because it is more cost-effective than owning the tools. Larger tools such as cement mixers, cranes and construction equipment, as well as smaller tools such as gardening equipment or tiling tools both need to be in prime condition, so that you are able to get the job done properly. As such, any company that you hire the tools through should be able to promise a certain level of excellence as far as quality goes.


Thing to Consider When Sourcing a Tool Hire Company

Just how do you go about making sure that you find the right tool hire company to offer such quality? Here are a few dos and don’ts that will help you get started…

  • Do get a few estimates. If you know which tool you need, and have selected a few hire outlets to start with, you can get estimates on how much it will cost to hire the tool. If however you are not fully sure what you need, you may find it easier to browse the product listings offered by the company online or in a catalogue. Asking for a price list is a good way to have all the information you need before you make your decision. You will also have a list already on hand for any future hires.
  • Don’t throw out records. This is essential for any sort of hire. Keep all related paperwork pertaining to the equipment in question – invoices, payment proof, estimates and anything else that comes with the tool. Find out whether any warranties are in place for the duration of the hire, and ask if any other documentation is needed. It is also useful to find out if there is any policy on tools that do not work or tools that fail (assuming it is not due to any error on your part).
  • Do remember to keep safety first priority. We cannot stress this part enough… once you have hired the equipment you need, you need to know how to use it. Many tools will only be rented to someone who has the required skills and experience to operate the tool. To use an example, if you are a budding DIY enthusiast wanting to take on a tiling job, you will probably not be able to hire a hand tile cutter unless you are qualified to use one. Safety should always be your top priority. In the event of any accident that arises from the tool being misused, you will be liable to pay for any damages that incur.

With the many benefits that this approach has to offer for private and commercial projects, you will be able to take on far more tasks with the right tools. Choose the right tool hire company, and you will be able to get full peace of mind knowing that the tools you rent are always in top condition.

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