Essential Lawn and Garden Tools for Landscaping Contractors

If you have a landscaping business, having the right lawn and garden tools is essential in order to get the job done well. Whether you cater to private residences, or your services are offered to corporate environments, landscaping equipment includes a host of items that help to create eye-catching, healthy outdoor spaces. A good lawnmower and a weed eater are all fine and well, but very often, the need for heavy duty or specialist tools arises. When this happens, it can be challenging for smaller companies and contractors to afford the hefty price tag when purchasing such tools. This is where it can make a lot of sense to consider hiring garden tools instead.


Landscapers have the ability to create beautiful, inviting spaces that not only add value to home owners and property owners, but also play a role in nurturing the environment. As the demand for sustainable gardens continues to grow around the world, landscaping contractors are becoming equally in demand for their services. A garden expert that has access to the best tools of the trade is by far the most sought-after of all. When budgets do not allow for purchasing tools, hiring becomes a simple yet surprisingly effective solution to stay ahead of the competition without going broke.

Lawn and Garden Tool Hire for Landscapers

Some of the tools that can be hired on a short term basis as and when needed include the following:

  • Brushcutters. These heavy duty tools help to clear tough vegetation, cut grass and neaten up trickier terrains effectively.


  • Chainsaws. A professional grade chain saw that has the ability to cut through hard and soft wood is vital for clearing trees and other large vegetation.


  • Water Pumps. These are very useful when designing and creating water features, removing swimming pools or performing other upgrades to ponds or fountains.

Some of the benefits of hiring these types of tools includes drop off and collection at the project site, no need for upgrades, maintenance and repairs and the ability to find the best quality tools for your project needs, which can be hired through a tool hire expert.

With these benefits in mind, it is no wonder that many contractors have chosen to supplement their existing selection of tools by hiring specialist items. This option also helps to save storage space, while also giving landscapers access to a broader range of jobs that could otherwise be referred to someone else who has the right tools to perform the work.

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