Everything You Need to Know About TLB Hire

tlb hire

TLB for Hire at Coastal Hire Pinetown

A simple and cost-effective way to get access to one of the most versatile tools used on construction jobs, TLB hire can often be a way to save on the high cost of machine ownership. If you have a specific project planned that requires the need for a TLB, hiring allows you to hire the machine with a qualified, trained driver who is able to operate the machine safely and efficiently.

This machine can be used on a number of projects. It may be needed for the clearing of sites, creation of gardens, digging of trenches or even small demolitions. Whatever your needs may be, we have put together some helpful tips for hiring TBL equipment in Pinetown and surrounds.

Tips and Advice for Hiring Tractor Loader Backhoes (TLB’s)

tlb hireBefore we share these tips, let’s first have a quick look at what this machine offers and how it is generally used in the construction industry.

  • Equipment Information: Short for Tractor Loader Backhoe, the TLB is a combination of a tractor, loader and backhoe, as the name implies.
  • Equipment Uses: These versatile machines can dig as well as load. They are typically used in a wide range of construction projects. Surprisingly lightweight for their size, they can easily move from site to site, or be moved on a low bed truck for transport.
  • Recommended For: Site clearance or site clean-ups, digging, minor demolitions, earth moving, landscaping, trenching, and general earthworks.

Some general tips to keep in mind when hiring or using this machine include the following:

  1. Safety first. Unless you have a driver on your crew who is experienced in the operation of TLBs, it is best to hire one with a driver. Hiring options at Coastal Hire Pinetown include a dry rate (driver only) and a wet rate (diesel and driver). If choosing the former, you would have to source your own fuel, while choosing the former allows you to get the benefit of fuel and an experienced, trained driver who will operate the tool according to your instructions. Trying to operate any large scale earth moving machine is dangerous. Needless to say, it is best to leave the operation of such tools to the experts to ensure that work is done safely and properly.
  1. Quality vs cost. While you should not have to pay exorbitant hire costs, you should always weigh up the overall quality of the equipment with the hire rates. Saving a few Rands by going for the cheapest deal you can find may end up costing you far more in the long run if the machine is not in good working order, not maintained according to high standards or not inspected on a regular basis. A good plant hire company will ensure that you get the best machines for the job, without putting your safety or project success at risk.
  1. Driver permits. This should be a given, but some less-than-stellar plant equipment hire providers are able to get away with using non-licensed machine operators. When hiring any equipment that comes with a driver, always check with the provider that the company as well as their drivers have the required permits to operate the machines. If anything goes wrong and it turns out that the driver is not legally licensed to operate the tools, you could end up paying the price. Always ask if you are unsure.


Looking for well-priced TLB hire in Durban that comes with total peace of mind? Coastal Hire Pinetown is here to help with all of your equipment needs.