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Air Compressor (290cfm)

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Atlas Copco Air Compressor 290cfm

Product Description

Atlas Copco Air Compressor 290cfm –  used to provide air for pneumatic paving breakers, pneumatic rock drills, pneumatic chippers etc. This compressor is capable of driving two pneumatic paving breakers simultaneously.


For the use of air tools e.g. Paving breakers, Rock drills, Air grinders, Sand blasting etc.

Running machine

Check: Diesel Motor oil. Compressor separator Oil. Air Filter. Loose Connections. Any Leakages. Always work with canopy closed.

Do’s and Don’ts

Don’t place anything near the compressor. If towing make sure the handbrake is down, the support leg is up and the canopy is locked.

Testing equipment before hire

Please ignore any instruction that is not relevant to this particular product.

  1. The equipment must be clean and must have a service tag attached to ensure that the workshop completed the standard service before returning the asset to the floor.
  2. The equipment must be taken to the testing station applicable where you will test the machine in front of the customer whilst demonstrating the operation of the asset to the customer.
  3. Ensure that the required safety attire is worn before beginning the equipment test and instruction to the customer and ensure that the customer is in a safe location.
  4. Start the equipment as per the above instruction.
  5. Demonstrate the operation of the equipment as per the operating instructions above.
  6. Shut the equipment down.
  7. The customer must sign that he has received training.
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