Top DIY Tasks to Do in Durban This Winter

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With winter making its presence felt in much of South Africa, what better time to look at some Durban DIY tasks for winter than the present?

Durban DIY Guide for Winter

While there is no doubt that Durban has far warmer, milder winter than most other parts of the country, the cooler time of year is none the less a good time to tackle a number of tasks. As this area receives most of its rain in summer, roofing and other rain preparation projects are best done in the drier winter months. Some other tasks to try this winter include the following:

  • Painting. Needless to say, painting is best done when the weather is dry, without the risk of rain. With the warm, dry winters that Durban is lucky to enjoy, this makes for the ideal time to get your painting done. Whether you are considering a fresh coat of paint for the interior or exterior walls, preparation is key. Make sure that you have all the supplies and equipment you need, choose the type and colour of paint and make sure that all furniture and items are cleared away from the walls. When painting on a larger scale for commercial purposes, having the right tools is essential.


  • Lawn & Garden. Outdoor areas can be cleaned up during the dry season, so that everything is ready for the start of the rainy season once summer comes around again. If you do not have specialised tools such a brush cutter or chainsaw, hiring the tools you need is the best way to ensure that you get the job done properly. As always, safety precautions are essential when working with these types of tools, so be sure that you have goggles, gloves and other items that you need before you get started.


  • Tiling. Planning on updating your swimming pool or patio? Tiling is a great way to protect floors against water, rain and the elements. For outdoor areas, winter is a good time to consider adding new tiles to an existing area or retiling any broken or old tiles. Having the right equipment, such as a tile cutter, will make the job go a lot faster and easier, and you can hire this type of tool as well. It is important to have a good idea of how to use the tool, so if you do not have much DIY experience, ask for assistance or get a friend who knows how to operate the tool to assist.


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