Why Contractors Should Consider Generator Hire in Durban

While load shedding in South Africa seems to be under control for the time being, contractors who run construction businesses have plenty of incentive to consider generator hire in Durban for a variety of projects.

Whether you need a short term power solution for a brand new construction project, or you need peace of mind in knowing that you have a backup power for an important on-going project, generators are an essential tool for projects of all sizes and scopes. Many contractors assume that they will only need a generator when there is no electricity source to be found nearby. This is certainly true in the case of buildings that are not yet connected or those situated far from urban area, generators can beused in many other capacities as well.


Advantages of Hiring a Generator for Contracting Projects

Some of the advantages of generator hire in Durban and surrounds include the following:

  • Temperature Control. Heating and cooling devices use a great deal of electricity. On a busy site in the middle of a hot, dry spell, air-conditioning may be required. A smaller sized backup generator used to power air-conditioning units in summer and heating units in colder regions allows crew to stay comfortable, without running a up a huge electricity bill.
  • Reduce Risk of Downtime. It is almost impossible to predict a power failure. In South Africa especially, where electricity outages are not uncommon, having a contingency plan in place for the duration of your project is vital. A backup generator that is ready to take over in the event of a power failure will ensure that operations don’t come to a standstill when the lights go off.
  • Cost Efficiency. As far as the bottom line goes, it works out far cheaper for contractors to hire tools such as generators for specific projects as and when needed, than to buy outright. Lower hiring costs as well as having access to high quality, fully maintained products are among the leading reasons for hiring.

For your next project, come on down to Coastal Hire in Pinetown to find out more about hiring a generator in Durban, and take advantage of the many benefits offered by hiring the tools you need.